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Colorful Food

Nutrition plans

by Selina Prager

Selina has been working in the field of nutrition since 2014 working with clients across Europe and North America. She specialises in women’s health, especially the big life transitions of menopause, pregnancy (pre/post natal) and puberty.  This often includes addressing hormone balance, metabolic health, digestive health and immune system optimisation as well as our emotional relationship to food.

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I view food and nutrition as a source of pleasure, creativity and social connection.

In my practice, I prefer to focus on what to include and add to your diet rather than what to remove from it, on developing intuition rather than calorie and macro counting. I see each client as unique, and work together with you to create your very own tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan based on your specific goals. My aim is for you to nourish your body for optimal physical and mental health, to have great energy throughout the day, feel brain sharp and radiant and fit into your favourite clothes, without spending hours in the kitchen, giving up on your favourite foods or a nice glass of wine at the end of a long day.

Selina Prager

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