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Mari's approach is non judgmental and very accepting of everybody regardless of how fit and trim they are. She takes people where they are and then coaches forward from there. For people unsure about going to train, especially in a small group where they can't hide, it's really important fro them to know they will be welcomes and accepted

Caroline W.


I want to share some of  my clients' stories as they are a constant source of inspiration to me. 

It's never too late to change your life!


Meet Caroline, who found strength in her deep grief and Christian faith. She was the lovely lady who ran the toddler group that my eldest daughter and I enjoyed going to. That was many years before I knew I would one day be a personal trainer, and Caroline my client.

Caroline has spent a lifetime putting other people's needs first, but says her faith has kept her going.
She has been an inspiration to me because of the way she has dealt with the challenges life has thrown at her. Caroline cared for and then lost two people she was very close to - her husband and not long after that, her mother. She dulled the grief and pain she felt by overeating, and did not feel good about herself. The change came when, shortly after her mother's funeral, she made a conscious decision to get her life back.

She started by making better nutritional choices and inspired and encouraged by Deb, she joined my fitness group in the park. At first she was worried that she would not fit in and that she would be the most unfit there, but she did it anyway, and soon discovered she had a competitive streak which pushed her to keep going.
'Mari made me think I could do it, and she was right!' says the now very happy and strong grandmother. Thank you, Caroline! 



Deb is my longest standing and most loyal client, and her transformation has been life changing for her, and also for me. 

"We first met in a place where so many friendships are forged - our children's school playground. Deb is a beautiful, spirited New Yorker but after giving birth to four (yes- four!) children - two of them twins - she was not happy about the way she looked, or how she felt. I was just starting my journey towards becoming a personal trainer, and I needed a training buddy.

I was also keen to share the way exercising and eating healthily was saving my own mental and physical health. I could see clearly how what I was learning could benefit her too. With regular workouts and healthier eating habits, her energy levels improved and also her outlook on life."

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